Sunday, October 25, 2009

Matida's skirt and my windows

I thought you might like to see my fall window display. The Caterpillar is called Sockertis and he is very proud of his many hand knit socks!!

Matilda is now proudly wearing her skirt, just in time for the cold weather.
thanks to everyone that helped to knit it. We had a brand new knitter knit on it as well as 2 young boys I think they were 12 and 15 do some stitches and people from all across the country. The bus to Sudbury broke down here in Coldwater and there was a knitter on the bus who found my store, she worked on Matilda's skirt and then brought back another girl that had never knit before and gave her her first knitting lesson on Matilda's skirt, so hopefully Matilda has inspired her to learn more!!

Just a reminder that the Christmas stocking for the challenge need to be handing in by November the 15Th.
Also the next sock of the month will be on November 5Th. If anyone is interested and not yet signed up there is still time to do so.
Happy Knitting

Friday, October 9, 2009

October Sock of the Month

The Sock of the Month Club got off to a great start. I was very happy with the interest it has created. We had a wonderful turn out for our first meeting. I also had several to mail away and several that were picked up by people that couldn't attend. I still have a few kits left if anyone wants to buy one. This first sock is made with Jawoll by Lang which comes with a spool of re-enforcing yarn to add in to the heels and toes. This is a self patterning yarn, it is knit using a twisted rib cuff and the eye of the partridge heel stitch. A good basic sock to get us started. If you want more information please contact me or see the previous post about it. You are welcome to sign up at anytime and come along with us on this sock knitting adventure.
Happy Knitting Lynn

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well done beginner sock knitters

The Beginner Sock knitting class has ended now and all were very enthusiastic and have a finished sock to show for it. Well done all of you. There are many more socks in your future!!