Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Thursday Knit along

Hi Everyone

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful weather we have had the last few days.

I am thinking of doing a Thursday afternoon knit along from 1:00Pm till 3:00Pm this will run till you are finished your project.

I have a new yarn in by Naturally called Mohair. It is a blend of mohair, wool and nylon and lovely to work with.. It is light weight and warm. There are some great patterns for it. What I am thinking about doing for this knit along is we would all be using the same yarn but you would be free to pick from among any of the patterns that they have for this yarn. I will be there to help you along with any problems.

There is no charge for this you just have to buy the yarn and the pattern to join us. I am hoping to start as soon as possible. So if you are interested take a look at the link below which will show you the yarn colours and the patterns that are available. I am just in the process of finishing pattern #N1125 the Scalloped Edge Cropped jacket and I am planning to knit pattern #N1139 . If you are interested please let me know , I have some copies of the patterns and some colours of the yarn but can order in whatever colour you might like.


Happy Knitting