Friday, July 20, 2018

Looking for some summer

activities for the kids?!


Hello everyone,

Well, summer is truly here, hot weather and all, but when the next rainy day arrives, you will be a real hit when you bring out these kits for everyone!

From the knitting looms which are super easy to use and let your young crafters create hats and cowls and scarves, to the fantastic fun of Kumihami, a Japanese braiding technique that produces friendship bracelets, keychains, and a myriad of funky, braided items.

Then, to really ramp things up, the weaving sticks are terrific fun, making guitar straps, belts, name it! And finally, a small loom will make it easy to make coasters, doll blankets or whatever else your young "designers" can come up with!

In addition to keeping everyone busy on a rainy day, these kits make wonderful birthday gifts for the "tween/teen" age is never  too early to get them started on using their hands to create  practical and beautiful items for themselves or for gifts for friends and family! Hope to see you soon...

Happy Knitting,