Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Great new Bags

Hello everyone,


What is it about bags??! I LOVE THEM! So many bags for so many different projects, some stay at home, some come to the shop with me, and some go on trips with me! I can never have too many.....


Sooo, when I saw these terrific, funky, handy and just about perfect bags from Estelle, I knew I would be ordering them for The Purple Sock, and they have just arrived!


Lots of sizes, some a small clutch size for needles and notions, to the "over-nighter" size when you just cannot decide which knitting project to take on vacation with you...so you take them all...right??!

They have lots of pockets including some clear ones so you can see that, yes, you did grab your pattern and it is right there...they are water resistant, have some cool, funky patterns, great zippers and nice, comfy handles..all in all...just the perfect bag..and nicely priced at from $10.00 to $34.99..see you soon.....

Happy Knitting

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Up coming workshop

  1. Please email if you wish to attend lynn@thepurplesock.ca
  2. Space is very limited
  3. Please note there will be HST added to the price.