Friday, September 3, 2010

The Purple Sock Cookbook!!

Hello everyone!

Well, it's a known fact that we have amazing and talented knitters here at "The Purple Sock" but we ALSO have amazing and talented cooks and bakers! Every week, it seems someone is bringing in great cakes,cookies, squares and tarts, you name it, we have enjoyed it with cups of great teas from "Lady Londonderry" to "Caribbean Dreams", or the "Johnny Depp tea!

And so, we have decided to launch our first ever Cookbook....and here is what we need from you, our devoted customers, visitors, class takers, everyone! Please type or write out your favourite recipe, anything from crock pot recipes to your favourite cake or cookie, or that quick throw-together meal that everyone always raves about, whatever you are 'famous' for, the one where everyone says "Wow, can I have THAT recipe?!"

We will gather them together, and compile them in a terrific cookbook which we will have ready by early December, just in time for gift-giving, stocking stuffing, or "just because I was thinking of you". We are going to keep the cost as reasonable as possible so they will be a quick, affordable and desired gift for sure. In addition, we want you to know that as soon as the printing costs are paid, each and every cent of the profit will go to womens' charities that are near and dear to our hearts.

Please send your recipes to Debbe Bloom at Debbe is a new knitter here at "The Purple Sock" and she will take care of all of the 'hunting and gathering " of recipes. Please feel free to send in as many recipes as you wish, but depending on the response we receive, we cannot guarantee that every recipe will be printed ( but we will try!)

So, PLEASE go to your computer( or hand write) and dash off a couple( or more) recipes...let us know a little story behind it if you wish,( not necessary though), plus your name and town. Also, if you have any little knitting tips that are 'tried and true' for you , we would love to include those as well.

If you need to hand write/print out your recipe, you can drop it off at "The Purple Sock" or you can mail them to: Debbe Bloom, Box 341, Coldwater, Ontario L0K 1E0...

ONE LAST THING!! The deadline is September 24th!! So please help us out with our first ever Cookbook...oh, and one more last thing...please put each recipe on its' own page..thanks!

Happy Knitting!