Friday, July 21, 2017

Great Summer sock yarn !!



Hi Everyone:

Ahhhh, the joys of summer knitting! Especially with this terrific new yarn called "Comfort Stretch"!

With 45% superwash wool, 35% cotton, 13% Polyamid and 7% Elite....all of these fibres combine to make one great pair of socks!

With lots of colours, and 420 metres, this yarn, made in Italy, and so reasonably priced is just what you need to take to the cottage, or on a road trip, or to sit on your front porch...come on in and check it out.

If ever there is a yarn you would like and you can't get in to purchase it , I am more than happy to mail it too you. Just send me an email and we will arrange it.

Happy Knitting,

Thursday, June 8, 2017

You are all amazing !!

A big Thank you to everyone
has knit  hats!! 

Hi Everyone 

Just wanted to let you know how amazing you all are!! I asked for little hats and you certainly came through!!  I didn't think to count the first batch but have done a guess on the number , which was about 100 and I have another 138 here to send down to them, which means we have knit approximately  238 hats!! That is just amazing!!

Please note this is an on going project so whenever you feel like knitting hats feel free to do so and drop them off!!  Below is a  lovely letter I received from HPIC thanking us for the first batch I sent and giving some more information about the hats.  I thought you might be interested in reading it. 

Take care and Happy knitting


Dear Friends and Knitters at The Purple Sock;                                                                                                        

First of all, thank you so much for your donation of infant/preemie hats to Health Partners International Canada (HPIC).  They are beautiful and we love that they are made with different kinds of wools. Since we ship all over the world, we appreciate the variety.

Did you know that something this simple knitted hat helps save a newborn’s life in many impoverished communities?  It’s a scientific fact: A newborn’s head makes up to 21 percent of the total body surface area. Heat loss can occur for a newborn by escaping through the body surface. Because of the large ratio of head to body, it is important to keep the newborn’s head covered immediately after birth to reduce heat loss through the head. Using your knitting/crocheting skills has helped give a new baby a better start.

All hats will be distributed through our Humanitarian Medical Kits with a focus on Mother/Child health.  program that runs in many developing countries. The Mother and Child Health Kit is an important initiative within HPIC’s Humanitarian Medical Kit Program. HPIC aims to support the ability of frontline health workers to provide responsive, quality care to young children and to women throughout pregnancy, childbirth and the earlypost-partum period.  The infant/preemie hats will be used in place of Styrafoam packing in these kits.

Again, thank you so much for your donation of infant/preemie hats to Health Partners International Canada (HPIC).  The
mother of the infant who receives it knows that someone took the time and care to make something special for her child. (Just a little note, we shipped a number of the hats to Uganda and Kenya.  They should already be being distributed!)

On behalf of HPIC,

Nanette Hoogsteen
Nanette Hoogsteen

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A new shipment of Hedgehog Fibres!!

More great Hedgehog Fibres

Yarn has arrived and it will not

last long!! 

Hi Everyone

It never gets old!! I am always so excited when a shipment of Hedgehog Fibres Yarn arrives.  This time I have brought over just for you, some colours of the Merino Dk weight!!  Also lots of new colours of Twist Sock and a few new colours of Sock.
Oh how could I forget to mention a new batch of sock Mini's in great colours!!

So come in and get them before they are gone!!

If you don't live close or can't get in and there is something you want, I am more than happy to mail it to you or set it aside til you can come in, just do a reply to this email and we will arrange it.

Don't forget it is not too late to sign up for our "specials" mailing list, a new special every couple of weeks and lots of great suggestions of what to knit with it, and just for you the people on the list!!
Take care and Happy Knitting


Thursday, June 1, 2017




JUNE 3RD!!  

Hi Everyone,

Well, it is almost that time of year again for the Lakeside Yarn Crawl!

This year there will be 11 shops on the route for you to go and check out!!  The dates are June  3rd  til September 4th.   Each shop will have an in store draw prize, and there will also be a Grand Prize to try for if you have a completed passport, and also a prize to be drawn for even if you only went to a few shops, so make sure you hand in your passport as there are many chances to win something fabulous!

This year several shops will be featuring yarn from "Sweet Paprika Yarns", an indie dyer from Montreal. She has dyed us a special colourway called "Canadian Maple"  pictured above in honour of Canada's 150 Birthday!!. Different shops will be carrying different bases of this wonderful red colour. The yarn I have chosen is called " Pizzicato".  It is a 3 ply fingering weight blend of  80% superwash Blue-faced Leicester and 20% nylon. It is 115g. and 407 yards. It will make a wonderful pair of Canadian socks, or a great little shawl!  

We have also had some great  project bags made just for the yarn crawl with our emblem on the front, and all the participating shops on the back, and of course, lots of Red Maple leaves for the 150 Birthday!! These bags are also made here in Canada by a flag maker from Barrie!!

I will be offering these as a set, so you will have a great  bag to keep your new skein of yarn in as you knit up your next great project.

Send me an email and I will set it aside for you as there are only a limited quantity of them. They will be $32.99, for one skein of yarn and the drawstring bag to put it in. If you wish to purchase  the bag  alone it will be $8.99.

I have attached the link to the PDF of the passport , so you can print out a copy of it and  be ready to get started on this fun little adventure!
Come and  join in the fun!!

Happy knitting,


Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bringing up-cycling to a whole new level

How about this for a
summer KAL??
that is, if summer ever comes,lol!

Hello everyone!

I know we can all be sort of purists when it comes to our favourite yarns, we love our silks and merinos and cottons and linens...but now, there is a terrific new lightweight yarn that combines all of these!

Made in France, Berrocos new Remix Light is an upcycled yarn that combines linen, cotton, nylon, silk and acrylic to make a gorgeous lightweight yarn with a gentle drape, for summer. The patterns for this yarn are just wonderful, and I am thinking that this just the thing for a summer Knit-a-long! You can choose one of the patterns and your fav colour of yarn, and away we go!
For this knit along we will each be able to pick whatever pattern we want to work on but will all be using the same yarn. There are lots of pattern to choose from, So check out the colours and the patterns and give me your order. I have some colours here at the shop but am happy to order in others for any of you. So check webpage for colours and patterns . You can also check  ravelry for patterns.

This Knit along will start Thursday June 22 , 1 pm to 3 pm. Like always there is no charge but I do ask you to buy the yarn and pattern from me. Let me know if you are interested in joining in and your colour of yarn. I need to know by next weekend , so I can order in the colours you want, I do have the ones in the picture in stock but am happy to order in any of the other colours!!

Just a reminder it is not too late to sign up for the "Specials" mailing list.  The first email will come out tomorrow!!

Happy Knitting,

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Canada's 150 Birthday!!





Hello everyone!

 Canada Day is coming up soon, so lets do the the town up right....and bring out our red & white!! 

 For the past several years, The Purple Sock fairies have knit and crocheted some terrific pieces of yarn art to decorate and beautify the tress on our main, as Canada Day 150 approaches, I am hoping you fairies will come out again to help us do up the town!!

Any length is fine, as we can sew several together   but about 17" around will fit most of the trees in town...this is a great way to use up your bits and pieces of red and white! I also have some here in the shop if you need more...

Please drop off any contributions for this at the store before July 1st as we will be sewing them together and putting them on the trees for Canada Day. 

Looking forward to dressing up our pretty town!

Happy Knitting,

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Great summer yarn





Hello everyone,

One of the most respected names in yarns is Cascade, and this Ultra Pima cotton, made in Peru, makes it easy to see why.  This yarn is offered in lots of other colours and if there is enough interest I am happy to get in some more.

With delicate, ethereal colours and a soft and supple hand, this is the perfect yarn for light summery tops, shawls and scarves. There are many suggestions of patterns on Ravelry that will work for this yarn. This is also the yarn that most people who knit  "knitted knockers" use. At a Double Knitting gauge of 22 to 24 stitches in 4inches on a 3.75 mm to 4mm. it is a very versatile yarn.

And although it may not seem like it, summer is coming...I promise!!

Happy knitting,

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Big Thank you!!

What a wonderful 10th

Anniversary it was!!

My Dear Friends, and Customers,

I am writting to say a very big heartfelt  "Thank you" to each and everyone one of you. Without all of you, there would not be a Purple Sock!!

My Anniversary was filled with good wishes, lovely cards, beautiful flowers and the most amazing afghan made by an amazing group of people.

I am so touched by all who helped me celebrate this milestone in the life of my business, and yes, my business seems to have a life of its own, and I am just along for the ride!

I have been so lucky to have made so many wonderful friends, people I never would have met otherwise. It has so enriched my life.

Thanks again, and Hugs to you all !!


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

10 Year Anniversary



10 YEARS!!

Hello everyone!
  Well, I know that we all wonder where the years go, but I am really, really wondering where TEN YEARS has gone?! Because The Purple Sock is turning TEN!!

  When I look back from those early days in my tiny little shop, and fast forward to now, I see so many changes, so many exciting happenings...from offering classes, to giving workshops with other teachers, to adding more space, starting a website, and creating our very own Fibre Arts Retreat!! I have tried to focus on local and Canadian yarns and fibres and that has introduced me to some amazing indie dyers right here in our own back yard!!

  Our fledgling "Sip & Stitch" meetings have grown from one day to three, including the spinners on Friday mornings...and we have done a lot of charity knitting, have yarn bombed the main street of Coldwater for Canada Day, and celebrated "World Wide Knit in Public Day"  out front of the shop under an awning. We have donated yarn and needles to local schools to get new young knitters started, and been a popular destination on the local Yarn Crawl.... so, all in has been a busy ten years!!
  So, to THANK YOU, my dear customers and friends...I am inviting you to the shop on Saturday, May 6th from 10am to 5pm  to share this special day with me! There will be TEN PERCENT OFF STOREWIDE! cake, and tea and door prizes and other surprises!! 

  Without all of you, this day would never have happened, so please come celebrate with me!!
Hope to see you all then!
Happy Knitting,

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Baby Hats




Hi Everyone,

    After all the lovely Izzy dolls, hats and facecloths were picked up, I received an email from the organizer with another request. I have copied part of her email below and am hoping there will be some interest in knitting for this worthy cause. This will be an on-going project, so you can drop off these easy little hats anytime, and we will make sure they are delivered to the organization for distribution. There is a pattern on their web page for both a knitted and a crocheted version .  This can be found under the donate tab. If you can't print it out, I am happy to provide you with a printed copy of the pattern.

Thanks, as always, for your continued support in these very needed endeavors. Your help is so appreciated.  So lets see what we can do for them.

From time to time I have a box of odds and ends of yarn that you are certainly welcome to use for this project, so if you need some yarn come on in and check out the box.

Thanks so much, and Happy Knitting!


"Health Partners International of Canada website is   is looking for help with knitting tiny hats for babies in Haiti and Africa- often born with a birthweight of only 4pounds.
They pack Humanitarian medical kits containing medications ( which they receive  free from Pharmaceutical companies in Canada)  and always include a few izzy dolls and little hats. We carry these kits every year to the Dominican.
When I went to pick up our kits this year the warehouse supervisor told me about the desperate need for these tiny hats."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Christmas is coming!!

Well not for a little
while yet!! 

Hello everyone!!
 Just kidding! But when you come across a deal like this? It is best to grab it now and tuck it away because this one 200 gram ball knits up into a cool beanie, a cowl and a pair of wrist warmers!!
Lang Mille Colori has brought out this yarn in several colourways, each one with a fabulous sheen that makes it just pop! More colours are on their way to the shop..see you soon!

 All of you wonderful customers that are not just around the corner , anytime you see something you would like and can't get in to purchase it, I am more than happy to mail it to you. Just give me a call or an email and we can arrange it!!
Happy Knitting,

Monday, April 10, 2017

Great Job ladies

A big THANK YOU,  to you  all ~
and Easter weekend hours and events!!

Hello everyone,

  Every year, The Purple Sock puts out a call for Izzy dolls for the nurses from Georgian College to take with them on their teaching trip to the Dominican Republic. And every year, the Purple Sock Ladies deliver!!

In addition to the ever popular Izzy dolls, lovely little extras like cotton hats and little face cloths are added to the list of items the nurses take with them.

This year, we are sending 158 Izzy dolls, .....51 face cloths and....100 cotton hats!!  These will bring so much happiness to the little ones there who have nothing...

Thank you, as always, for your kindness and  your generosity.

On another note. This weekend will be Easter and Coldwater has a great event for the kids. On Saturday, April 15th,  from 11 am. to 1 pm.,  there will be Pinatas to break, and Easter bonnets to decorate,  plus popcorn and other goodies.  So bring  the kids, or  Grandkids and have a bit of fun!!

Please note The Purple Sock will be closed on Friday,  April 14th , Good Friday  and also Sunday, April 16th  Easter Sunday,  but we will be open as usual on Saturday,  April 15th.

Hope to see you then,

Happy Knitting