Monday, June 23, 2014

Fibre Arts Retreat!!



I  am SO EXCITED to be offering this to you again this are some highlights of what you will be enjoying
Two nights lodging ( either a shared room or a private room..your choice) but, of course, a little extra if you choose a private room
A "Welcome" Wine & Cheese on your first night..
A mini workshop to make our name tags to wear for the Retreat.
SIX ( Count 'em - SIX) meals that you do not have to think about, shop for, prepare or clean up after!! Plus lots of snacks in our lounge in the evenings...
Several FREE mini-workshops from which to choose if  you wish, or you can just rest,relax, lounge and knit,take a walk...YOUR retreat..YOUR choice
A gorgeous Common Room where you can leave your spinning wheel, rug hooking frame, knitting bag...whatever) always locked and always safe..
And BEST OF ALL....TWO DAYS of whatever you want to do without a telephone, fax machine, t.v. or spouse/kids to bug you ( oops, I meant interfere with your projects)!
The Date:  Sunday, October 5th through Tuesday, October 7th
The Place: YMCA Geneva Park , located on Rama Rd. just past the Casino. This is not a posh resort but has beautiful grounds (walking trails), and great  food, and clean rooms with a balcony...what more could you want!!  There are photo’s of the facility here:
The Cost: $425.00 for double, which includes HST, all your meals,and lots of fun,and time to work on your UFO’s.
There is a $65.00  premium for single room. Please let me know when registering if there is someone with whom you want to share your room.
A deposit of $200.00 will be due by June 30th
 Please note this deposit is non refundable unless I can find someone to take your spot.
Please  also note there are stairs to climb as our lounge is on the second floor and there is no elevator.
Space is very limited so let me know asap if you are interested in joining us.
We will start our Retreat with a Wine and Cheese, "meet and greet" before our Sunday evening meal.
On Monday we will have a morning workshop (see below for your choice of 3 different classes) and then
on Monday afternoon, there will be a choice of 3 additional classes.
On Monday evening, we will have our fabulous Show and Tell!, and a swap table (more info to follow).
On Tuesday, we will have a workshop in the morning which will be something we can all do, so I will not tell you what it is, it will be a surprise!!
Then after lunch you will have a bit more time to finish up before we depart in the afternoon.
Please let me know as soon as you can if you will be attending, and send me your workshop choice, whether you require a shared or single room, and if you know with whom who you are sharing, if you don’t have a room-mate I will gladly find you one.
I have attached a registration form for you to fill out and send back to me.
Morning Classes
Workshop Leader: Carolyn Houlden
Learn the traditional art of Kumihimo, a form of Japanese braiding. The combinations of colours and patterns in these lovely braids are almost limitless, and are a great way to use up leftover yarn! Resulting products include bracelets, necklaces and trims. Each participant will be given the materials to complete a sample braid. A second project will incorporate beads into a key chain braid. Participants will be given instructions for several pattern variations that can be done later, using their own yarn and the tools given out in class.
$15.00 materials fee ( this might be changed by a few dollars up or down once we find out the real cost of the supplies)
Penny Rug Workshop
Workshop leader: Gayle Gunby
Penny rugs originated in Victorian times as a way to use up little pieces of left-over woolen material. In this workshop we will create a decorative little piece for your home using woolen material and the “blanket stitch” A kit will be supplied with all that you will need to complete your project.
$6.00 materials fee.
Entrelac  Cowl
Workshop leader: Lynn Stitchman
This is a great technique to learn , looks so impressive but is really not that hard. You can make a cowl, socks, or whatever look extra special!!
In this workshop we will learn to knit entrelac two ways ...flat and also, in the round!  We will begin a gorgeous cowl done with entrelac ( to be finished on your own.)

Here is a link to the pattern we will be using:
You will have enough yarn to complete the pattern.
$16.00 Materials fee
Needle Felted Journal Cover....
Workshop Leader: Debbe Bloom
With all our computers, lap tops and is still often nice to just hold one of these soft ,beautiful, needle felted journals in your hand. I use mine as travel journals, as small photo albums to hold photos of my various knitting and felting projects, and as quick, wonderful gifts for friends and family.
By using pre- felt, you can skip the wet felting part, and get right to needle felting on your "pretties"... small pieces of Sari silk, bits of Wensleydale curly locks, some tiny bits of silk roving, perhaps some lovely Noro bits you have left over from the sweater you just finished.

Your $10.00 kit fee will cover the pre-felt, needle, bits and pieces of little embellishments, and of course, a lined journal to use in any way your wish...feel free to bring some small "felt-able"( i.e. woolen) pieces if you wish.
You will soon be making these as gifts for everyone!
 The “Fish lips Kiss Heel”
Workshop leader: Cathy McCracken
Do heel flaps make you dotty?
Picking up how many? Really?
Does the phrase 'knit to the gap' make you scream WHAT GAP?????
There is a solution. Simple. The 'Fish lips kiss heel' has come to your rescue.
This workshop will teach you to make a template for any foot, then use that template for a sock that fits. EVERY TIME. It can be used toe up or top down, whichever you prefer. Any method for knitting in the round works too!!
For homework, have a sock cast on and either knit to the point you'd normally start the heel flap (for the top down fan) or to the point you'd normally begin your gusset increases (for the toe up aficionados). Cathy recommends a light to medium colour yarn with a high twist for your first pair.
We will create the heel on your sock and  explore different methods for knitting in the round i.e. 2 circular, magic loop and very short circular.
Magic Cake Ruffle Shawl
Workshop leader: Lynn Stitchman
Does this sound intriguing!! This is a great way to use up all those little bits of leftover fingering weight (sock ) yarn. This shawl uses about 150gms of leftover yarn joined to make a “Magic cake” with a niffy little knot that we will learn. In this workshop we will all bring our leftover sock yarns to share (no leftovers?...not to worry, just either buy a 100 gm skein of sock yarn or have me bring one for you)  These will all be sorted into piles and then we will pick our colours for our shawls, learn to do the knot and put them together and start our Magic Cake Ruffle shawls!
 Materials fee: $6.00
Happy Knitting
The Purple Sock
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Coldwater Ontario
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Monday, June 9, 2014

Canada Day Fun!!

Hello Everyone,

Well, summer is finally here and that can only mean that Canada Day is
coming up soon. So, The Purple Sock has decided to combine two great
events..Canada Day and World Wide Knit in Public Day!!

  World Wide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 by Danielle Landes as a
way to bring what can be a relatively solitary activity, into the public
prevue, as a way to share this wonderful art form, and as a way to show the
world that it is not just "grannies" who knit...not that there is anything
wrong with "Grannies",lol!!! So, from 25 "Knit in Public" events in 2005,to
over 1000 last year, this is a hugely growing phenomenon that we are proud
to support and encourage! It is usually held the middle of June which didn't
work for me , but since the street will be closed on July 1st for Canada
Day,  I have decided to hold it then!!

  The main street will be closed and some of my customers will be sitting
outside in the sunshine ( hopefully!), and demonstrating various fibre
arts..knitting, spinning, wet felting, needle felting, crocheting and rug
hooking...we hope you will join us! you know what they say "the more the
There will be sales, treats, camaraderie and creativity...see you on
Tuesday, July 1st!  All Canadian Yarns will be 10% off , July 1st only!!
The street will be closed from 11am til 3 pm.  So come for the whole time, or
any part of the time.  Please bring a lawn chair, and of course your
knitting, crocheting, rug hooking or spinning, or any other fibre arts you would like
to do!!

I will have my awning set up so there will be shade!

To go along with this event we have decided to hang Knitted and Crocheted
Bunting ( I did not know that is what strings of triangular banners are
called, did you?   You learn something new everyday!!)  So we are hoping
some of you might like to contribute to our bunting!!  They are very simple
triangles knit or crocheted out of scrap yarn. We will take care of putting
together, so if you have some made up ahead of time please hand then  in or
if that is
not possible bring them that day. Who knows we might even knit more that

  Here are a few links to a few patterns for them, ( there are lots of other
patterns out there also, doesn't need to be any of these ) any size,  or
colour is great , plain, fancy embellished or not, they will all look great.
After Canada Day I will use them on the front of the store or inside or in
the window, but they will get used one way or another!

  If you google knitted and crocheted bunting you will see lots of photos of
what I am talking about.  They take very little time to make and will look

  There will be lots of great Canada Day  events going on in addition to the
knitting,  there will be games and bouncy castles for the kids, plus face
painting, there will be a great band playing and a hotdog eating contest
(new this year) and the very popular pie eating contest. Lots of fun for the

  Hope to see you then!  Any questions or suggestions about any of this feel
free to email or phone me.

Happy knitting,

The Purple Sock
13 Coldwater Rd.
Coldwater Ontario
705 686-3455