Monday, June 9, 2014

Canada Day Fun!!

Hello Everyone,

Well, summer is finally here and that can only mean that Canada Day is
coming up soon. So, The Purple Sock has decided to combine two great
events..Canada Day and World Wide Knit in Public Day!!

  World Wide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 by Danielle Landes as a
way to bring what can be a relatively solitary activity, into the public
prevue, as a way to share this wonderful art form, and as a way to show the
world that it is not just "grannies" who knit...not that there is anything
wrong with "Grannies",lol!!! So, from 25 "Knit in Public" events in 2005,to
over 1000 last year, this is a hugely growing phenomenon that we are proud
to support and encourage! It is usually held the middle of June which didn't
work for me , but since the street will be closed on July 1st for Canada
Day,  I have decided to hold it then!!

  The main street will be closed and some of my customers will be sitting
outside in the sunshine ( hopefully!), and demonstrating various fibre
arts..knitting, spinning, wet felting, needle felting, crocheting and rug
hooking...we hope you will join us! you know what they say "the more the
There will be sales, treats, camaraderie and creativity...see you on
Tuesday, July 1st!  All Canadian Yarns will be 10% off , July 1st only!!
The street will be closed from 11am til 3 pm.  So come for the whole time, or
any part of the time.  Please bring a lawn chair, and of course your
knitting, crocheting, rug hooking or spinning, or any other fibre arts you would like
to do!!

I will have my awning set up so there will be shade!

To go along with this event we have decided to hang Knitted and Crocheted
Bunting ( I did not know that is what strings of triangular banners are
called, did you?   You learn something new everyday!!)  So we are hoping
some of you might like to contribute to our bunting!!  They are very simple
triangles knit or crocheted out of scrap yarn. We will take care of putting
together, so if you have some made up ahead of time please hand then  in or
if that is
not possible bring them that day. Who knows we might even knit more that

  Here are a few links to a few patterns for them, ( there are lots of other
patterns out there also, doesn't need to be any of these ) any size,  or
colour is great , plain, fancy embellished or not, they will all look great.
After Canada Day I will use them on the front of the store or inside or in
the window, but they will get used one way or another!

  If you google knitted and crocheted bunting you will see lots of photos of
what I am talking about.  They take very little time to make and will look

  There will be lots of great Canada Day  events going on in addition to the
knitting,  there will be games and bouncy castles for the kids, plus face
painting, there will be a great band playing and a hotdog eating contest
(new this year) and the very popular pie eating contest. Lots of fun for the

  Hope to see you then!  Any questions or suggestions about any of this feel
free to email or phone me.

Happy knitting,

The Purple Sock
13 Coldwater Rd.
Coldwater Ontario
705 686-3455

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