Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Sock of the Month

I am not sure where all the time goes, in a couple of days it will be time for the April Sock of the Month. Anyway this is the March Sock which is done toe-up which is new to alot of the knitters in our group. I hope they liked it!! The sock is done in Foot loose from diamond yarns.

I am now carry the Interweave Crochet magazine, the spring 2010 just came in.

The March/April/May 2010 issue of the R.U.G Hooking is also here and going fast.

If anyone is looking for them I am also now stocking the Kollage Square Knitting needles and just got in some of Mirasol beautiful Hacho yarn which is hand dyed in Peru. There are always new things coming in all the time. Do stop by and take a look and talk a little knitting.

Take care and Happy Knitting or hooking.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The most wonderful Gift

A few days ago I mentioned I received a wonderful gift from the Rug hookers that come to my store. Anyone that has spent time at the store will know that the chairs in the backroom had the worst looking chair pads in the world, they were well worn and falling apart. Yes you might have guessed by now they all hooked chair pads for the chairs. I have started to do one which is still no where near finished but will
be someday. I am very touched by this as I know how much time and effort goes into the making of them. They all designed their own there is a sheep theme that is for sure and surprise, surprise a purple theme also. They are presented in no particular order just the order I took the photos in, they are all unique and truly wonderful.
thanks you so much to everyone that took part
This one is called "SHEEP IN FLOWERS" by Angie Brandon

This one is called "Day Dreaming in Purple Socks" by Joanne Stanton

This one is called " Are Ewe Up for Tea" by Marny Cherrington

This one is "Eventually We all flock to the Purple Sock" by Linda Wilson

This one is "Got Yarn Ewe Bet" by Gayle Gunby

This one doesn't have a name but I am calling it "Sheep on the clothes line"
by Darlene Richardson

This one is called "Do Ewe Like My Purple Socks" by Debbe Bloom

This one is called "The Princess" by Gayle Gunby we have one very soft arm chair in my room and we call the girl the usually sits in it the princess , so Gayle designed and hooked this chair pad just for that chair.

I just want to again thank all of the ones that made the chair pads as I will always treasure them. So do stop by and see them in person as it is much better than the photos. Or even better come out to Sip and Stitch and sit on one of them for awhile.