Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Morning knit along

During the past few month the Thursday morning knit along group has been working on afghan squares, learning new stitches. There were 10 different squares. Many of them had never done a cable before or lace type stitches. It was an on going project with a new square every other Thursday, we all learned lots from it. They could knit as few or as many of each square as they wanted making blankets of whatever size they wanted. Some used many different colours and some did it all in one colour. I have to confess that my blanket is far from done. Each time I did knit just enough of each square to make sure I could do it and know what I was talking about. Sometime when I have some extra time mine will get done. In the mean time here are photo's of two of them that are finished with more to come as they complete them.
I think they should be very proud of the work, they are wonderful to look at, each one is so different depending on the yarn and the way they put them together. Way to go all of you!!

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