Saturday, November 6, 2010



OK, what is Lynn saying to us now you wonder?!

"Namaste" is a Hindu greeting, which loosely translated, means "I bow to you"...but Namaste is also the name of a new line of knitting notions that I am now carrying at "The Purple Sock."

Gorgeous colours, practical and pretty, these Namaste items are wonderful for gifts (Christmas is coming, and coming FAST!), or as a sweet treat to add to your own knitting bag. Your double points and straights are all in their own spot,and the Buddy Case holds all kinds of bits and pieces, and your circular needles, which can be such a pain to store, are all enclosed in this one holder and numbered for the sizes. No tangles, no wondering which circular you have, they are all right there in front of you. Yet the case is small enough to toss in your knitting bag and carry with you.

So check out their and drop in to see our terrific assortment starting at 11.99...they are flying off the shelves!

Happy Knitting!


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