Sunday, April 14, 2013

Teddies get new sweaters!!

Hi Everyone
We have been having a great time at the Sock in our Thursday afternoon knit along. We have been knitting a mini Gansey using  Beth Brown Reinsels book and DVD both of which can be purchased at my shop, here is a link to info about them.

We have all finished knitting our mini Gansey and are in the proccess of ordering in yarn and planning our full size sweaters. We learned many things by doing this little Gansey which will come
in handy for lots of other things.

Here is a photo of most of them, A few were at missing and I will try to get a photo of them shortly.
Happy Knitting Lynn

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  1. I learned so much making is little sweater, it was a challenge, but I really loved all the stitches, the different cast on, the shoulder joining,it was great!