Monday, May 5, 2014

Georgian Bay Fibres and New Blocking Wires!!

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Just the name "Georgian Bay" conjures up so many stunning images...rocky shores, deep waters, white capped waves, rugged pines, and swooping shore birds. So,when Parry Sound indie dyer Carla, began using these images as her inspiration to dye her Blue Faced Leicester fibres, I knew they would be a treat to see. And just the names that Carla uses...Spruce, Squall, Granite, make me want to own them all (well, I guess I do!)..that is, until you come in and take them off my hands!


So, they have arrived and the depth of colour is simply spectacular....Blue Faced Leicester is a wonderful fibre  and is just gorgeous for knitting and spinning. In both untreated and Superwash, there are yarns for every project you could imagine.


So far I am carrying her Kilcoursie fingering weight great for socks, shawls and cowls!! Also her Untreated Blue Faced Leicester Roving.





  Every once in a while, a new item appears in the knitting world which really makes an impact! And these incredible blocking wires do just that...they are super flexible, making it very easy to block any of your knitted items... shawls,  sweaters, scarves, no matter the curves and angles, these wires do the job and then return to shape..just amazing! Plus they come in a handy kit with several sizes of wires and stainless t-pins, everything you need for a successful blocking session.



Check out the link below to get the whole story of the young woman who saw a need and filled it....

I have also included a link to a great article on blocking with them!!

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