Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Days for Girls


          Hi Everyone,

  Please read the below email I have received from Barb. You were all very generous last year with donations to this very worthy cause,and I am sure some of you will be able to help out again this year. If ,like me, you don’t know what gros grain ribbon is, here is a link I found with info about it
There is a poster attached about the sewing day.
Thanks and Happy Knitting!

Barb Carswell again and I'm here to say thanks for all your help last year with the girls hygiene kits, and to invite you to a "'sewing bee". Coldwater United Church is having a sewing project day to recognize International Woman's Day in March and we'll be making more kits to help these young women on their way to being the next " movers and shakers" of their countries through education.  Please find attached a poster with the details.
Like last year we need 100% flannel and cotton donations, so if you have any remnants and would like to donate them, Lynn at The Purple Sock  will hold them for me to pick up.  The other sewing item we are looking for is 1/2 in. gros grain ribbon - any colour or pattern, in lengths of
1 1/2 m. minimum.
Thanks for being part of the solution and I hope  some of you will join us!!
Barb Carswell (barbcarswell@gmail.com)

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