Tuesday, August 18, 2015

New Madeline Tosh Arrivals'

Hello everyone,
  Well, in spite the very warm weather this week, we all know that Fall is
just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the season than
with Madeline Tosh?!

In addition to our regular Tosh DK and Prairie, we have a brand new treat
called Twist Light, with 25% Nylon for all you lovers of Madeline Tosh, you
can now make socks with it!!

And the new colours? Amazing, stunning, deep, rich...oh, there are not
enough words to describe the simply scrumptious colours, plus I just love
that this yarn is ethically sourced in South Africa and beautifully hand
dyed in Texas, and that it now lives in my shop!

There is only one glitch in this story and that is the US Dollar, which
sadly has affected the price of this gorgeous yarn..so while our previous
stock will remain at the old price, the new stock has increased  to cover
the whole US/Canadian dollar business..not fun, but a fact of life for now

Just a note to everyone in the Maderia knit along. Tomorrow Aug 18th will be
our last day to meet, as most are finished their top.
Stay tuned for info about the next knit along!!

One more note....our "Magic Cathy" is back from her summer travels and has
started her Help Sessions back up  here at The Purple Sock every Friday,
1:30 pm til 3:30 pm.  Just call to reserve your spot ( limited to four
students) and for just $10.00 for two hours, you will get your knitting
unscrambled, get back on the right track, pick up dropped stitches, figure
out short rows, learn to turn a heel  or whatever else is bugging you!
Private lessons also available  for $15.00 a hour.   Just give us a call and
reserve your spot.

Happy Knitting!

The Purple Sock
13 Coldwater Rd.
Coldwater Ontario
705 686-3455

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