Thursday, June 2, 2016

Canada Day and Yarn Bombing !!

Canada Day Celebration and Yarn Bombing!! 
 Hi Everyone,

    Canada Day you say? That is a month away, so why am I sending this now!!?

    Last year on Canada Day, we also celebrated "World Wide Knit in Public Day" by setting up an awning on the street, and having a wonderful Sip and Stitch right in front of the shop! It included knitting, rug hooking and spinning, and any other fibre arts anyone wanted to do. More about this in a week or two.

    We also did some yarn bombing that day, in addition to hanging up our wonderful bunting that was made a couple of years ago. We yarn bombed a spinning wheel, and also two of the trees on the main street. The trees as you can see by the picture in the email were covered in red and white knitting and crocheting, to celebrate the Birthday of this great country of ours. I have kept the tree coverings from last year, and really hope we can make enough to do at least a couple more trees to add to it.

   So, if you feel so inclined to do a bit of red and/or white knitting or crocheting to add to the collection, I would be very grateful!! The pieces (any length) should be about 16 or 17 inches wide, (the trees are not all the same , so the pieces do not need to be all the same LOL,). I do have some red and white scrap yarn at the shop and have ordered in some very inexpensive yarn to use when that is gone. So feel free to stop by and pick some Up.

   I will need the pieces handed in a few days before July 1st, in order for us to sew them together, so lets see what we can come up with!

   We have one month to go, and we all know that the time just seems to fly by!!

Happy Knitting!

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