Thursday, November 24, 2016

Opal advent calender

24 Days of Fun!! 

 Hello everyone!
  Yes, I know I can overdo it sometimes with the exclamation marks!! But wow!! This REALLY deserves them!
  What a novel, adorable, creative and fun gift for the knitter on your list ( and that includes YOU)...just imagine opening the first of 24 little doors and finding a 15 gram mini skein of sock yarn behind each door!!
 And before you ask.."what the heck can I make with 15 grams of sock yarn??" Just check out is overflowing with super ideas, from booties to boot toppers, heels and toes of socks,, you name is there!
 In addition to Ravelry, check out The Next Beautiful Thing podcast where Carolyn  will be opening her Opal Advent Calendar each day,(December 1st to December 24th) ...I will be following her for sure... 

 SO, there are only TWO of these left, so call, email, send your hubby or whatever works so you can get yours!!  At $120.00 this is only $5.00 a day for all that fun and all those little balls of yarn!! 
 Happy knitting,

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