Tuesday, March 28, 2017

More great needles!!

Someone has done it again!! 

Hello everyone!
I did not know it was possible to have/"need" so many different needles, lol! But different projects require different needles and these are just perfect!

These LYKKE fixed circular needles are terrific and so pretty, I love the Driftwood look of them! Actually made of smooth, hard birch, the "Driftwood" striations are gorgeous and just add to your knitting experience.
In sizes from 2 to 12 mm, and with cord lengths from 16-40 inches, these are the perfect addition to your project bags.

I also have back in stock there wonderful sets of interchangeables  that I introduced to you just before Christmas.

So as an introduction to these great needles I am offering them at 10% off from now til april 9th.  So come in and buy a pair to try today!!   This offer is just for you my faithful followers, so make sure you mention you read  about them on my newsletter!! 

Happy Knitting!

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