Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A new shipment of Hedgehog Fibres!!

More great Hedgehog Fibres

Yarn has arrived and it will not

last long!! 

Hi Everyone

It never gets old!! I am always so excited when a shipment of Hedgehog Fibres Yarn arrives.  This time I have brought over just for you, some colours of the Merino Dk weight!!  Also lots of new colours of Twist Sock and a few new colours of Sock.
Oh how could I forget to mention a new batch of sock Mini's in great colours!!

So come in and get them before they are gone!!

If you don't live close or can't get in and there is something you want, I am more than happy to mail it to you or set it aside til you can come in, just do a reply to this email and we will arrange it.

Don't forget it is not too late to sign up for our "specials" mailing list, a new special every couple of weeks and lots of great suggestions of what to knit with it, and just for you the people on the list!!
Take care and Happy Knitting


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