Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Gotta love a Mother-Daughter


Hello everyone!

I just could not wait to get this yarn photographed and sent out for you to see! From Uxbridge, this mother/daughter duo has chosen the name Lizzie-Anne, for their new line of yarns! And for being brand new to the indie dyeing circuit, these two have hit it out of the ballpark!
( I know it is hockey season, but baseball is a summer sport, and that is what I am hoping for right now...SUMMER!)

But until then, you can content yourself with these gorgeous "Soft Sock sets"....a squishy 75/25 mix with the sweetest colour combinations I have seen in a very long time! I just love the small hank of yarn for heels and toes!

In additon, and I am so honoured by this...they have named one of their yarns "The Purple Sock"!!! So please pop in, call or email,  and I will tuck one (or more) of these skeins aside for you..I have a feeling they will be going quickly. Don't forget I am always happy to mail yarn if you are too far away!!

Happy Knitting!

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