Friday, December 10, 2010

Frill seeker and great hats!!

The photo is of one of my customers and her husband who stopped in last Saturday evening when Coldwater had its Candlelight walk and Santa Claus parade. They looked so cute I had to share the photo I took of them with you. Not sure where she got the pattern but they were great.

I have now received an order of the new frill seeker colours. they are the top three on the link below. #Q50211, Q50212, and Q50213 I am afraid the other colours(older ones) will not be in now before January, so if you were counting on them for Christmas knitting you will need to get something else or one of the new colours. If you want any of the new colours please e-mail or phone me and I will put them on hold for you, as I am sure they will go fast.
If anyone can tell me how to make a link on my blog I would be greatful as I can't seem to figure it out.

Also you might like to check out this blog it has some great shots of my store. Tahnya and her husband came to shop a couple of weeks ago and she quite enjoys taking photos with her new camera and took some great shots of my store. So please take a look. Sorry you will have to copy and paste the link.
thanks Lynn

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  1. Lynn,, I don't think you have to copy and paste...just highlight link, rightclick and 'go to' will appear.
    When you are on compose highlight link...go to little green icon on top, same line as pics, click, little box appears, paste link, OK and you are done.
    hope this makes sense. I am a bit of a techno dinosaur.
    Or ask any school kid walking down the street
    Seasons greetings and see you next summer.