Friday, February 24, 2012

How did I ever get so lucky!!

Hello everyone,

Well, some of you know that these past few weeks have been a bit hectic and crazy as my Mom has been ill and I have been travelling back and forth to Toronto to help care for her. Fortunately, I have some great "Purple Sock Girls” who can and will fill in for me when I have to be away! They mind the store, pick up my mail, price the new yarns and generally keep the boat afloat!

But that is not ALL they have been doing...check out the "Before" & "After" photos of my bathroom!!! WOW!

I guess they had been talking/thinking about this for awhile, and when it became clear that I would have to be in the city for a few extra days, they quickly put their thoughts into action and out came the saws, the beaded boards for the wall, the paint, the sewing machine and fabric and of course, the talent in that gorgeous little floor cloth - so prefect! I can only image the scene of these busy little beavers pulling these all together in less than 3 days!

So next time you come to buy some yarn, you simply MUST visit the 'loo' is bright and cherry and pretty and a far cry from the dark, dismal little closet it once was.

I am blessed with all these girls and with you, my customers and friends....THANKS SO MUCH!
the photo's don't do it justice. It is just amazing, I keep going and checking to make sure I didn't dream it up!!


  1. It looks beautiful! The Purple Sock Gals did a great job!

  2. We were thrilled to do it! We had a BLAST!!