Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Off to the Dominican again!

Hello everyone,

    Many of you will remember that we have made Izzy Dolls for the Nursing
and Early Childhood Educations students from Georgian College, to take to
the Dominican Republic.

    This April 23rd,students will be heading there again for 10 days for
a hands-on educational experience which will aid the poorest communities in
that country, bringing medications, vitamins and medical care. But even more
than that, this year, they hope to bring Izzy Dolls, little sun hats, and some adorable little finger puppets! So that is where you come in...if you feel like helping to knit    for this,  choose whichever project ( or projects!) you would like to make, that would be great!

I do have a basket of some odds and ends of yarn at the shop if you are in need of colours for any of these projects, just stop by and pick out some colours.

If reading this on the blog , just send me a line and I will send you the finger puppet pattern and if you need a suggestion for a hat pattern just let me know. Below are a couple of  links to the Izzy doll patterns. If you don’t know what they look like just google Izzy dolls and you will find lots of pictures of them. 

So lets get knitting !!  Please drop off your contributions by April 1st and rest assured, we will make certain that they go to little ones who will treasure them!!  Thanks so much for any help you can give on this project. 




    Happy Knitting!


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