Monday, February 23, 2015

Ravelry 101 and a couple of other classes

Hello Everyone!


On Sunday, March 8th from 11-1PM, come out and learn the basics of Ravelry!


Learn how to:


Start a project page

Join various groups

How to make Friends...and tons of other tidbits to make your Ravelry life much easier!!


All for just $5.00!!!!




Bring your tablet, iPad or laptop and a willingness to join this fabulous family of knitters and crocheters!! If you don't have one you can bring I do have one you could use for the class.


Please call or email to reserve you space..


Also just a reminder that the Sock of the Month will be having it's second sock this month, even if you were not able to attend last month it is not too late to come. All the information can be found on this Blog post, again if you are planning to join us please let me know so I can send you the info of what to bring.





Children's Sweater Knit along.


Please note this  is a knit along and we  will be learning together, there is no fee to attend but I do ask that you buy your wool and pattern through me.


Lets knit a childs sweater together! Estelle yarns will be putting out a program to knit this sweater, week by week over   5 weeks with lots of help.


We will be starting this on Thursday March 5th  1-3 pm So lets do it together....I will have lots of choices of colours once I receive more info from them. This is a good way to start sweater knitting as it will be small, if you don’t have anyone to make it for there are several groups that the store helps support that would be more than happy to receive them. 


They have some information about it and will be posting more on there blog. So go take a look!!






Please let me know if you are interested as always space is limited.

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