Monday, March 9, 2015

Tired of Pills!!

Hello everyone!

While we all know that some pills can be good for us, the ones we find on
our knitted garments are definitely not fun, lol! But there is a better
solution than ones I have used in the past, which included snipping them off
bit by bit with my manicure scissors, or actually shaving them off with a
razor, yikes!! Or using those battery fuzzy busters that seem to eat your

And here it is!

  With its own little carrying/storage pouch and several different blades, this
product really works quickly and easily to restore your lovely hand made
items back to their original state. It also makes a great gift for the
knitter in your life!
And it is Canadian to boot!! Here is a link to a  youtube video all about it

  Just a reminder that the latest rug Hooking magazine is in stock...It is
just chock full of great articles, wonderful photos and terrific tips on
dyeing and finishing. Pop in and be inspired!

Happy knitting and rug hooking


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