Monday, February 8, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!!

Hi Everyone,

  As much as I love flowers and chocolates, I think one of the nicest gifts

I can give

  ( or receive!) is a pair of hand knit, squishy, soft and lovely socks!!

  So, to that end, I wanted to share these fabulous  yarns that have arrived

at the Purple Sock...AND as my gift to you, these yarns will be 14% off from

now til  Sunday!

  The Regia 4-ply Design Line by Arne & Carlos will entice you with its'

traditional "Norwegian" effect in six extraordinary color combinations.

Thanks to this effective colour way , you get an amazing highlight for your


  And next....I know that the sock knitting world is firmly divided into two

camps...the "life is too short for matching socks" group, and then there are

the "what the heck do you mean, OF COURSE they need to match


  So, for those of you who fall in the matching we have a yarn for

you!! It is called "Pairfect".. and it makes the job of matching your socks

perfectly SO EASY!! The yellow yarn lets you know exactly where to start

your second sock, and away you go, ending up with two perfectly matched


So, for Valentine's Day Week, come in, choice your yarns and receive 14% off

as my Valentines present to you  ..see you soon

Happy knitting


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