Sunday, March 2, 2014

A New yarn from Rowan and Books too!!

 Hello everyone,


   Some things just go together perfectly..peanut butter and chocolate, tea and cookies, movies and popcorn....but for me, it is knitting and books! So today I have both to share with you....


   One of the nicest yarns to come in lately is from the world renowned English yarn company, Rowan. I am proud to carry their Pure Wool Worsted Superwash in 100 gram balls (approximately 200 metres). The colour selection is amazing, and this is just a perfect all-round yarn to use in any of the gorgeous patterns in these two Rowan pattern books..."The Pure Wool Collection" and "Simple Shapes-Pure Wool Worsted." Scarves, vests , hats, sweaters, ponchos, berets and many beautiful patterns written especially for this great yarn.


In addition, the other book I have in stock is "60 Quick Knits from Americas Yarn Shops". This book is terrific, as it focuses on everyones favourite yarn, Cascade 220.  And, on top of that, Cascade 220 and Rowan are interchangable! So dozens and dozens of colours in both regular wool and Superwash..come take your pick!


I hope you are all staying warm and safe and knitting to your hearts' content! Hope to see you soon...


Happy Knitting,


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