Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nursing Students off to Dominican Republic again this year!!

Hi  everyone,

Many of you will remember that we have made Izzy Dolls and hats over the last few years for the Nursing and Early Childhood Educations students from Georgian College to take to the Dominican Republic.  Well it is that time of the year again!!

This April students will be again  heading there for a hands-on educational experience which will aid the poorest communities in
that country, bringing medications, vitamins and medical care. But even more than that, again this year  they hope to bring Izzy Dolls and  hand knit  sun hats.

So that is where you come in...if you feel like helping to knit,  choose whichever project ( or projects!) you would like to make and get knitting.

I do have a basket of some odds and ends of yarn at the shop if you are in need of yarn for these projects, just stop by and pick out some colours.
If you need stuffing for Izzy dolls I do also have some that was given to me.
Down below are several links for Izzy doll patterns and hats.   Or you can use any pattern you like the students ask that the dolls have dark skin features like the children who will receive them.

So lets get knitting!!  Please drop off your contributions by April 3rd and we will see how many we can collect for them !!   Thanks so much for any help you can give on this project. 


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